We wanted to address some frequently asked questions here, but feel free to call us at anytime.

Should I make reservations?

Yes, all customers are strongly recommended to book their flight ahead of time. We do welcome walk-in customers, but make a reservation to prevent waiting in line. To book a flight call us with a credit card and pick your time. Because we hold the simulator open for you, we require 24 hours advanced notice if your plans change, or you will be charged the full amount.

Do I have to have any flying experience?

No, our pre-flight briefing video will cover the basics of flight, flight controls, weapon systems, and dog fighting tactics. Also, our friendly and helpful simulator instructors will be available via your aviation headset to assist you with take-offs and landings, navigation, and they will even get you into the action and help you get your first confirmed shoot down.

Can I fly with my friends?

Yes, our simulators are networked so you can fly co-operatively or go head-to-head in a dog fight and finally find out who's the "best of the best." You will be wearing an aviation headset and have direct communication with your friend in the other simulator as well as our simulator instructor.

Is there a age limit?

No, there is not a firm age policy, but the recommend minimum age is 12. Please remember that these are advanced flight simulators and while the difficulty can be adjusted, flying still requires concentration and motor skills. If you think your youngster can handle the challenge, we would be happy to let them fly. However, if they do struggle, please know there are no refunds because of age. You are always welcome to trade places with them and finish the flight while they watch.

What type of aircraft and/or missions can I fly?

We offer a wide range of aircraft, such as the F-15A Eagle, F-4 Phantom, P-51 Mustang, and more! Our missions include bomber intercept, combat air patrol, fighter sweep, and ground attack missions such as close air support, strike, and anti-ship missions. Please ask us if there is something you want to experience or a aircraft you would like to fly.

Can I book a group event?

Yes, we do offer group events. Call us to reserve all simulators for up to 4 hours. A perfect idea for corporate events, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and birthday parties.

Can I brink something to drink or eat into the store?

No, we ask that you keep all drinks and food away from our expensive equipment.

Are there any heath risks?

If you are at risk or have a history of seizures, please consult your doctor before use. Please know that it's possible to get motion sickness or feel dizzy after a flight.
Let our simulator instructors know if you're experiencing any issues.

Can I log flight time?

No, our simulators are for entertainment purposes only.